Pivot Point Trading: GLOBEX vs. Floor Session

When discussing Pivot Point trading, we often get the question: “Should I use GLOBEX or Floor Pivots?” The short answer to this is that both GLOBEX pivots (ETH) and floor pivots (RTH) can be used for most instruments.

Still, there are some exceptions where either ETH or RTH pivots do not make sense. In the case of currency futures, the most active market is London, so it does not make sense to calculate pivots based on the New York RTH session. Being truly global markets however, with no centrally located exchange, ETH pivots are most appropriate for FOREX and currency futures.

“Local Bias” Pivot Point Trading

For all other futures, such as equity index futures, interest rate futures and futures derived from physical commodities, both approaches can be used.

However, equity index futures and bond futures are relatively illiquid overnight as they clearly relate to regional markets. U.S. stocks & bonds are tied to the U.S. economy and European stocks & bonds are tied to the Euro economy. Both in the U.S. and Europe, the underlying markets  – the stock & bond markets –  are closed overnight. Accordingly, for pivot point trading the RTH session is the most logical choice for instruments such as ES, YM, NQ, ZB, ZN, FDAX and FGBL.

For futures contracts based on physical commodities RTH pivots were clearly preferable until around 2000 / 2005. However, significant changes have taken place since then. There is no longer floor trading for physical commodities and the markets have become more international. Brent Crude is now as liquid as WTI crude and crude volume has surged during European trading hours.

For crude oil there are frequently strong moves during the European session, and these will not be taken into account, when calculating RTH pivots. Therefore, traders now increasingly use the full GLOBEX for pivot point trading. Even Mark Fisher – former NYMEX trader and author of the book “The Logical Trader” – has switched from RTH to ETH pivots.

Ease of use: GLOBEX or Floor Pivots?

One reason is that the GLOBEX pivots are easier to calculate. Full session high, low and settlement are published on the CME website as official high and low. Data feeds such as DTN/IQ also come with the full session high and low as well. Simplicity suggests to use the GLOBEX pivots as they are easily available.

The following 2 charts show ETH and RTH pivots for crude oil. Both the ETH and the RTH levels are used by some traders as exit points, making them useful for identifying support & resistance. In the end, there is no clear winner as to which levels work best for pivot point trading, and it’s up to the individual trader to make this decision.

Pivot point trading: The Globex session

GLOBEX Pivots a.k.a Full Session Pivots


Pivot point trading: The Regular session

Floor Pivots a.k.a. RTH Pivots

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