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Harry, a.k.a. Fat Tails, has programmed some of the most downloaded indicators NinjaTrader platform. The open source indicators are often discussed in the NinjaTrader Support forum, at and in the SharkIndicators weekly Bloodhound workshops. These are the ama seriesindicators, available from the LizardIndicators Library section (previuosly known as the ana indicators for NinjaTrader 7).

The LizardIndicators Library, contains a variety of categories such as support resistance levels, trend analysis, channel indicators, gapless indicators, momentum, price action, volatility, volume and trailing stops. In total, the indicator contains close to 150 open source indicators available for a onetime, non-recurring fee of $150.

Library members are regularly notified on updates in the Indicator Spotlight newsletter, also including documentation on the indicators plots and features with suggestions on how the indicators can be used in a trading approach.

Which Renko Bars To Use With NinjaTrader 8 (For Reliable Backtest Reports)

With plethora of NinjaTrader Renko bars already available, one may question whether there’s a need for yet another version. The short answer to that is yes. For example, there are significant issues when applying existing NinjaTrader Renko bars with automated systems. They often generate inaccurate backtest results, which we discussed at length during our SharkWeek…

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Dealing with Market Noise

In our last webinar with SharkIndicators, we looked how to define market noise using the Daily and Weekly Range Projections. The noise bands are based on recent market volatility and shows us how far short term traders are typically expected to drive prices. Knowing whether market is trading within, or outside market noise levels, can…

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Fat Tails NT8 indicators and presentation

This post features a webinar held by Harry (a.k.a. Fat Tails) at In the webinar he explained the technical changes that took place when converting the Fat Tails NT8 indicators from the ana NT7 series. Here’s a webinar recording (log-in required): The following topics were discussed: Session Tools for NinjaTrader 8 Key improvements of NT8…

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Buy Support Sell Resistance With Auction Bars

How do you use LizardTrader indicators to buy support and sell resistance? This is a question we often get following our partner webinars with Shark Indicators. We’ve now created a tutorial video showing how to do this. Specifically, the tutorial will show you how to locate reversal patterns at key support and resistance using the Auction Bars and Daily…

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5 Steps To Creating & Maintaining A Robust Trading System

In our recent webinar, we showed our approach to building trading systems. We went over a five step process starting with observation and hypothesis, transitioning to testing and verification, and finally, monitoring system performance. Following these steps is key for creating creating and maintaining a robust trading strategy. Check out our webinar recording here: Video Outline: As…

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Trading with Multiple Time Frames

In our last webinar we went looked at how the LizardTrader Leading Indicators can be used in multiple time frames. By finding price action setups that align with key support and resistance levels in multiple time frames, i.e. higher time frame charts, we may increase your odds for profitable trading. By checking out the webinar…

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The Best Trading Setups

Below is a webinar recording of a Shark Indicators event titled “Locating the Best Trading Setups”. This presentation focused on how temporary market imbalances lead to sudden shifts in intraday prices. Knowing where these sudden shifts are likely to occur, can reveal favorable trading setups. The presentation also covers how such sudden market moves can…

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Pivot Point Trading: GLOBEX vs. Floor Session

When discussing Pivot Point trading, we often get the question: “Should I use GLOBEX or Floor Pivots?” The short answer to this is that both GLOBEX pivots (ETH) and floor pivots (RTH) can be used for most instruments. Still, there are some exceptions where either ETH or RTH pivots do not make sense. For currency futures,…

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Why you don’t need to update your Session Template now

On September 20, 2015, index futures and NYMEX traded instruments changed their trading times to close at 4:00 PM Central, 15 minutes earlier than previously. Generally, we want to adapt our NinjaTrader session templates to the contractual trading times of the market. However, when market hours change, we need consider which is the appropriate session…

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Bloodhound Trading Strategy Workshop

This post features a Bloodhound trading strategy workshop using the LizardTrader leading indicators. During this webinar we went over a step-by-step process to qualify the type of parameters needed for a profitable trading system. We then showed how Bloodhound by Shark Indicators can be used to identify trade setups. If you’re not currently a LizardTrader…

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