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A classic breakout strategy is taking the high and low points of the RTH session, a.k.a the Opening Range. For index futures there was a tradition for marking the high and low points during the first 30 minutes. Following this time window, one would take long positions above the opening range and shorts if the market moved below. This would then form the basis for the breakout strategy.

There are various approaches for the Opening Range breakout strategy. The best know versions are Toby Crabel’s outlined in his book: “Day Trading with Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout”, and Mark Fisher’s “The Logical Trader”. In the posts below, we review variations of them, adjusting to the current market environments.

The MAD Ichimoku Squeeze

­­In this post we’ll discuss Ichimoku trend and momentum setups may be improved by using narrow range analysis in higher timeframes. For information on how the Ichimoku trend and signals are calculated, please refer to this post. Qualifying Ichimoku signals by applying higher timeframe narrow ranges is similar to the squeeze setup. Basically, we’re looking…

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London Breakout Trade Management

In a webinar hosted by SharkIndicators we’ve discussed trade management for the London Breakout Trade. We’ve covered the setup in previous posts and now return to look at how BlackBird can adjust the stop loss and profit targets. The setup itself is easy to understand and generally, it’s a good idea to work with setups…

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Ichimoku Trading: Signals at the London Open

For a general introduction to Ichimoku trading,  please refer to our Indicator Spotlight newsletter. In this post we follow-up on a specific Ichimoku trading setup, using the professional version. Specifically, we’ll outline how the Ichimoku can be used in conjunction with the London Breakout. A recording of a webinar event discussing this approach can be…

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