Auction Bars

That the trend is your friend, is probably the single most used line in the trading community. Of course, one may identify trends that last for extended periods of time in higher timeframes, such as daily or weekly charts. This is however rarely the case in intraday trading. Typically there are temporary imbalances that lead to a sudden increase or decrease in price. For a brief moment the market will know where it is heading. But then the sudden move stops and the market returns back to a bipolar mode. The new price levels are now being tested until there’s a new sudden move with a breakout from the trading range.

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The main idea of the Auction Bars is to identify these sudden shifts in value and to show reversal and breakout bars. Accordingly, the indicator identifies possible reversals patterns, i.e. reversal or spike bar candidates, and what we call Auction Bars that break a current trading range.

For reversal and spike bar, they only get labeled as such once confirmed. The default confirmation requires a price one tick above the high of a key reversal or spike bar up candidate. Opposite, it requires a trade which is priced at least one tick below the low of a key reversal or spike bar for a down candidate.

For Auction Bars, the concept is derived from thrust bars. However, the close of a bullish Auction Bar is compared to the high of the current auction range instead of the high of the prior bar. A bearish Auction Bar will compare to the low of the current auction range, not the low of the prior bar.

In order to improve the expectancy for trade entries based on key reversal and spike bars, the Auction Bars indicator comes with certain filters. For example a key reversal or spike must also be a preliminary swing high or low. Also, the reversal bar must have a significant range or volume (narrow range and low volume key reversal and spike bars are eliminated). Furthermore, one may also specify that key reversal or spike bars should only appear outside the auction range, or touch the congestion zone.

It is recommended to apply additional price benchmarks as as filters for the Auction Bars. Tests have shown that support and resistance indicators, such as VWAPs, SessionPivots or SupplyDemandZones can be easily combined with reversal bars to improve results.

The indicator comes with a detailed user manual.


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